Artist Statement

Stories. Real and Imagined. With Pictures.

At the basis of all of my art there are stories. They combine my actual life experiences, voluntarily imagined ones, and sometimes simply my unfiltered dreams.
I have never believed that a person can and must do only one thing in life.
I have led parallel careers.
The first is pulmonary/critical care medicine. Formally trained, totally truth based, tangible, and real.
The second: making art. Totally imaginary, made up, but most self-revealing when it combines with what has been real in my life and what has escaped from my subconscious.
Although often asked, I never felt the need to prioritize or even separate these lives.


1943 Born in Salem, New Jersey
1965 Graduated Muhlenberg College with BS degree in Natural Sciences
1969 Graduated Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
1969-1974 Specialty Training - Pulmonology and Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania, Medical School
1974-1981 Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Chief, Pulmonary Section, Penn Presbyterian Hospital
1991 Guest Artist, studio of Guenter Uecker, Duesseldorf, Germany
2015 Guest Lecturer, Ms. Olsen's 1st grade class, Grand View Elementary School, Manhattan Beach, CA
Current Lives and works in Arizona